This Train…on time!

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A mixture of original material, traditional songs from the public domain, ageless gospel standards, and western-swing classics like “New Panhandle Rag.” This Train received an enthusiastic review from Sing Out! Magazine and gets consistent airplay on Asheville–based public radio station WCQS FM. It’s a southern boy’s homage to his multi-faceted roots...a little bit of honky-tonk, a little bit of church, and a lot of lonesome.

Vollie plays guitar, piano, fiddle, bass and harmonica. His sweet yet soulful singing style hark back to the roots music of his Asheville, NC home. Vollie is a gifted performer, teacher, and band member who brings great energy to his shows.

TRACK TITLES Tracks marked ((•)) link to downloadable samples in MP3 format - file sizes are listed for each.Each sample will play in a new browser window. Please close the new window after listening to return to Vollie's web site.
  Blue Mountain Home ((•)) 452K Bring Your Little Sister Along
  He'll Understand And Say Well Done ((•)) 400K I Dream Of You ((•)) 300K

Never Grow Old ((•)) 448K

Look Down That Lonesome Road ((•)) 404K
  Send The Light ((•)) 364K The Zoo Song
  Song For Ana New Panhandle Rag ((•)) 380K
  Meet Me In St. Louis, Mom ((•)) 472K Under The Shadow Of His Wings
  This Train ((•)) 580K What A Friend We Have In Jesus ((•)) 436K
  You Can't Fly ((•)) 588K Tennessee Waltz ((•)) 428K

Vollie McKenzie is probably the sweetest singer I know. He’s been singing all his life and it shows in his easy command of both the church music he grew up with and the jazzy swing that he knows so well. He is also a fine old time musician on guitar and bass. I’ve heard him play some pretty good fiddle too. There’s no one I enjoy playing with or listening to more.
–John Herrmann, Musician and Producer



For inquiries, bookings, and CD orders:
Vollie McKenzie • 156 School Road, Asheville, NC 28806• 828-275-9761