Vollie is a LEAF festival favorite for swing dances."
Carol Mallet  - Assistant Producer
Lake Eden Arts Festival/Asheville, NC

“Vollie McKenzie? I love playing music with him. So do many musicians - I think he can play any style, anywhere, anytime. Good natured, superb musician, a pleasure to have onstage.”
Peggy Seeger

‘“This Train’ is a very personal portrait of a sensitive and talented musician. It’s unusual to find a performer so willing to let us into his world.”
Sing Out! Magazine
Review of This Train

Some of the best stews have to simmer for a long time, and this wonderful 16-song project was seven years in the making. Asheville’s McKenzie is a true musical chameleon, mixing mountain music, gospel and western swing into a jazzy, easy-going whole.
Mike Miller
The State newspaper

There are quite a few good guitar players and songwriters who drop by the UU Coffeehouse. Vollie McKenzie brings a sweet mix of gospel, swing, and folk that makes him stand out in this talented crowd. His gentle music stays with you, and you are always ready to hear him again. When Vollie performs at the UU, we can expect a great crowd that does not want to leave when the evening is over.
Mike Paget - Concert Series Coordinator
Unitarian Universalist Coffee-House/Columbia, SC

Vollie is a great person and musician who shared and cared so much for the music and [about] providing us with a learning experience. I can’t say enough about him. Swannanoa needs to keep him! Vollie is a genuine and unpretentious individual, and I would take classes with him again and recommend him highly to other attendees of the Gathering.
Swannanoa Gathering student

EXCELLENT. This course is exactly what I was looking for.
Swannanoa Gathering student

A versatile musician, a sensitive gifted songwriter, a musician’s musician…it all adds up to 6’7” of pure entertainment pleasure.
Roger Bellow - Flying Fish Recording Artist

It’s all there…style, technique, understanding, and real feel for the music. And it is a delightful mix from all over the map…standards, blues, country, folk, and some nicely crafted originals…More Vollie McKenzie please!!
Dick Goodwin, Ph.D
University of South Carolina

Vollie McKenzie is probably the sweetest singer I know. He’s been singing all his life and it shows in his easy command of both the church music he grew up with and the jazzy swing that he knows so well. He is also a fine old time musician on guitar and bass. I’ve heard him play some pretty good fiddle too. There’s no one I enjoy playing with or listening to more.
John Herrmann - Musician and Producer

There’s a refreshing melancholy a-brew in the work of local singer/songwriter Vollie McKenzie. And that’s not the contradiction-in-terms it might seem. This performer’s work is strongly influenced by the music of the ‘30s and ‘40s, and it shows in his sure-edged, richly layered confections – tunes that want only their own dusty road and a portable Victrola to be complete.
Review, MountainXpress/Asheville, NC

One of the best groups that ever played at the Hawk and Ivy, and we’ve done hundreds of weddings.
Eve Davis
Hawk and Ivy/Barnardsville, NC

My husband and I were so happy to find Vollie Mckenzie for our wedding last Spring. We knew from the first time we spoke to Vollie that he would create a wonderful and unique sound for our wedding party to enjoy. Vollie really listened to what we wanted, accommodated our needs, and ultimately, took the task out of our hands. We had the most amazing wedding and reception, and Vollie and his band created a great sound that our family and friends were raving about for months after the wedding. The band had a great presence without overpowering the gathering, and everybody, young and old, danced and enjoyed the old-time music. Vollie is truly talented, and we would recommend him to anyone planning a wedding.
Mary Helen and Rane Adamson
married April 24, 2004 at Hawk and Ivy, Barnardsville, NC

Vollie and his band really topped off our 2004 New Years Eve party at the Inn. Good listening music for our dinner guests and then a nice variety of tunes for those who wanted to dance…they had both young and old on the dance floor when the bell rang for 2005…Very professional. We hope to have them back at the Magnolia Inn.
Pete and Karen Nagle
Magnolia Inn/Hot Springs, NC


For inquiries, bookings, and CD orders:
Vollie McKenzie • 156 School Road, Asheville, NC 28806
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